Tuesday, 2 October 2012

ABRSM Exam Piece Practice 'Mozart Minuet in G'

I started to learn the first piece in the new 2013-2014 Piano Grade 1 Syllubus, Mozart's Minuet in G.

I thought it was going to be easy. I'd seen kids on youtube play it so hey I'm 29, I'm smarter than them. How wrong I was. I thought that because I'd worked through alfred's book one, that this was a level lower.

Well it didn't help that I'd just worked a 12 hour shift and not slept well the night before. I probably worked on the first half for less than an hour. By the end, I knew which bits I was having trouble with.

There's the link to a free score of it on IMSLP that I've put a link to at the bottom of this post.

The main part I was having trouble with is the part in bar 5-7 with the falling B G E , G E C# pattern. getting the two hands working together was a challenge with the correct fingering. Also remembering the f# after the triplet in the right hand was another one that I was faltering on. The trick was my favorite mantra. Go slow. After a while of doing it ridiculously slowly, it started to feel more natural. I went to bed before truly mastering it because I couldn't concentrate any more but I feel that it is something that i will be able to nail in one or two more practice sessions.

Some things I noticed about the piece were interesting. The key signature is in G.  The 1section ends on a D which is the Dominant (V) of G. I'm wondering if when I'm continuing my study in music, that I will see other pieces finish a middle section on the dominant chord? Also the falling 3 note pattern that repeats, feels like it's reverting to a 2/4 time signature for a couple of bars which is an interesting rhythmic device.

Maybe I'll film myself playing it tonight and post it. Would be a good way to keep track of my skill.

Happy Practicing!

PS the link.....

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