Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lost time

I'm working quite a lot at the moment. I work from 9am to around 9pm most evenings (even saturday). I spend all day thinking about going home and practicing. I listen to music all day and have youtube vids going on in the background while I'm working. Then when I get home, I have to will myself to start playing. Once, I'm going it's fine and its hard to get me off the thing, but just the first hurdle in the evening is the hardest when I'd rather just watch baby monkeys riding a pig on youtube before I fall asleep (you must see that it's amazing).

I think about a life where I wake up and don't have to sit at a desk all day and I can invest time doing the things in life that I want to. Having practice broken up into 30-45 minute blocks throughout the day would be so enjoyable to me. I have a nice little studio room where I can do that and for now, I'm working long hours in the hope that in the future, I can afford to have more free time. Will that time ever come? Am I just always going to be chasing that? Time will tell.

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