Tuesday, 2 October 2012

iPad sight reading app

I recently downloaded wessar sightread4piano. It contains sight reading sample tests from many music boards around the world. The one I'm interested in is abrsm.

I bought the grade 1 pack which contains 55 exercises to go through. It's actually quite good at forcing you to read as it makes the bar you've tried to play disappear forcing you to play and read on. Grade 1 seems to be the leve I am at because I pretty much get through most of them with a couple of mistakes here and there. I want to be able to get through perfectly.

It's probably a bad idea to repeat each one too much because it then be less sight reading and more memorisation. I think that playing through each one once is fine then move on to the next one even If you mess it up.

Anyway it's well designed with adjustable speed metronome and a 30 second preview just like you would get in the exams. Would be nice if you could connect a midi keyboard to it for feedback but it's still a nice program.

Here's to hoping it will help me improve!

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